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Grow Your Practice

It's inspiring to know that as accountants we offer a service that every business needs. Eighty-five percent of businesses are small businesses with less than 20 employees, and 13% have between 21 and 100 employees. This means that 98% of businesses are ideal clients for small business accountants and bookkeepers like you and me. How invigorating.

Graph of Business Size
Figures based on 23.6 million+ businesses in USA.
Source: SBA:

Imagine now a Proven System designed to find and retain clients. Universal has developed the art and science of getting clients. The art makes it easy and the science makes it certain.

But how does a firm avoid wasting employee time on marketing? You want to leverage employee and your time; the goal is to qualify and successfully get more clients.

Learn How to Get More Clients

The training offered in the Universal Practice Builder (UPB) workshop teaches full-service accounting firms to leverage their time, effectively acquire clients, and retain them by offering the quality services every accountant and tax professional should. Either you can learn the system and use it yourself or use Universal's Client Generator program to build your practice today.

Wouldn’t you like to invest in a program that could help you accomplish the following?

  • Learn a proven system that allows you to focus on what you do best, accounting.  You are then able to leverage your time to get the most bang for your marketing buck as you attract qualified, high-caliber clients.
  • Apply the Universal Business Model as you work with clients in order to quantify and qualify business strategies and determine how to help them run their businesses’ more profitably.
  • Use 12-proven marketing techniques to promote your firm as the premier in your area for Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Tax Services.
  • Retain clients by becoming a Profit and Growth Expert.
  • In additional to all the valuable marketing information included in this amazing program, we’ll also train you how to use QuickBooks to attract more clients.

We guarantee results or your money back!

UPB video imageIf you’re still not convinced that this program will grow your business, view our free video "The Art and Science of Getting Clients" and we'll show you how the Universal Practice Builder Program will help you start and grow your own accounting practice.


UPB+QBMP - Universal Practice Builder™ Workshop

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We will customize a program for you based on your career goals, experience level, and budget.

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